Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

From 501 lbs to 250 lbs in 19 months! I started back in April 2012 weighing my heaviest at 501 lbs. Always tired, body aching and miserable. Found a program that did it for me and in my opinion was the easiest transition to a healthy lifestyle. In my first month I lost 22 lbs […]

Weight loss issues in College Whats up everyone? My name is Jacob (Jake) Steele. I am currently a junior at the University of Delaware. I started the year at 334 lbs (Trust me, that hurts to say) But after struggling with weight for so long, I think I finally found something that works. First of […]



Hi Hello everyone, I am Katie from London. I am 22 and trying to lose weight, I guess that is why everyone new is here so that is no surprise. I am 17st at the moment, which is the most I have ever weighed. So yes trying to lose some weight, improve my fitness and […]

Eating after workout What do you feel are the best foods to eat after a workout? http://www.ranker.com/list/best-foods-to-eat-after-a-workout/ranker-foodSee all stories on this topic Lost over 81lbs I needed this today… I need to remember not to judge myself and that I CAN do this!!! Down 81#… only 140 more to go…See all stories on this topic […]

joined 2008 losing weight again 5th time 284 was 299 March 1 2014 so here I go again ,have to go down to 255 by June 15 2014See all stories on this topic New to the forum! HI everyone, I am new to this site and look forward to sharing information that will help all […]

Dairy depression and weight loss I am currently working off my highest weight-311. I have taken a year off teaching to deal with my depression. I am currently weaned off all depression and anxiety meds. and feel pretty good. Lately, I have been looking at the rubble that depression has caused: weight gain, broken relationships,.See […]

Looking for support on my journey! Hello everyone! I just joined in hoping to find support and motivation on my weight loss journey. I just started a new youtube channel to document my weightless. If you have a second to check it out please do! Thanks in advance! –Chris [URL REMOVED]See all stories on this […]

How can i go from 277lbs to 190? 2 years ago i had an infected gallbladder and of course like most idiots i decided to remove mine i have gained weight since then. I was wondering whether a gallbladder keeps you from losing weight and what can i eat and how can i diet to […]

Helloo im new Hi… My name is Predrag Petrushevski from Macedonia. I registered of this forum because i have more than 250 pounds. Looking for solution about my weight. I have a new website about and work on it with hope to get more motivation to Loss Weight Predrag Petrushevski …See all stories on this […]

If I did it, You can too! Hi, I was completely embarrassed and mortified to show you my before picture. But I guess everyone is self conscious to a certain point and I guess your worst critique is yourself. I let myself go. Like I said in my about me, I would binge eat all […]